How we work

About Us

MDEpiNet is a Public-Private Partnership that brings together leadership, expertise, and resources from health care professionals, industry, patient groups, payers, academia, and government to build coordinated registry networks. As a voluntary organization, the success of MDEpiNet depends on the time and effort of its members. Visit the Who We Are and Centers pages to learn more.

MDEpiNet is working to build NEST under an agreement with the NESCC to improve and integrate real-world data infrastructure, developing appropriate methodologies, and conducting studies. Two Centers and one program support MDEpiNet operations under a cooperative agreement with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). The Projects of MDEpiNet have been funded by a variety of partners (listed with the project descriptions).

MDEpiNet is working to

  1. Build CRN infrastructure through a collaborative Community of Practice,
  2. Develop methodologies to support the use and creation of real world evidence,
  3. Collaborate with the NESTcc to link CRN with other data partner networks.